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Beneath the black rocks

They cut into the ocean in a perfectly perpendicular line. Their color changes depending on how much of the rock is submerged in water in low or high tides and how much sunlight reflects on their smooth surface, but it is always a version of black. They disappear when the moon brings the ocean far … Lanjutkan membaca Beneath the black rocks

The Witchery is an online witchcraft shop selling bowls, incense, powders, and spell kits — inspired by European and Slavic folk magic.

On Being A Tugboat

By Kirsten Voris I was going to let this anniversary go unacknowledged. I must have known it was a big deal. I wrote it in my calendar. One year out. July 26th, the day I took the decision to sit down for a specific amount of time, on specific days every week, to write. No … Lanjutkan membaca On Being A Tugboat

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